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Why People Love Psychic Readings by Ronn
From the Birmingham, MI area to Chicago, Illinois, people keep coming back to Ronn for spiritual guidance. Read some experience of those who have worked with him in the past. Ronn looks forward to speaking with you soon.

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"I had an immediate reading with Ronn earlier today, and was so impressed by his accuracy that I booked an additional private reading. After speaking with him, I am left with gained knowledge of loved ones who have passed, as well as accurate information for the present and future. I am looking forward to speaking with Ronn again soon."

 April 15, 2016 by Rebecca Wood
"Excellent! Will be back soon. I have now had several readings with Ronn. He is accurate, detailed and particularly good at bringing my life into focus."
 March 28, 2016 by Britney Harper

"Ronn was great! We had him do readings for our bachelorette party group and everyone was so happy with him! Very glad we chose to go with him, he traveled to our restaurant which was super convenient. He really hit home on my personal reading, will definitely be using him in the future!"
May 6, 2016 by Britney Bennion

"Best reading I've ever had. Ron's demeanor and disposition put me at ease soon as I walked through the door. The atmosphere was very conducive for a relaxed and comfortable reading. Ron helped me out so much, with what I wanted to know about career, health, and love. I had a list of questions (that I wrote out prior to the session), and Ron answered a lot of my questions before I even asked. I feel Ron was extremely accurate and on point. I will absolutely be going back to Ron as well as recommending Ron to open-minded people.
The reading and atmosphere made it seem like I was having a conversation with an old friend, instead of someone I just met. All-in-all, this was a very positive and enlightening experience that gave me some guidance and direction."
April 1, 2016 by Rhonda Roseberry

Psychic Readings by Ronn: Wellness

Stones for Taurus Energy

by Ron Sussberg on 03/30/21

When springtime comes around, the sun moves its way into Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac. Represented by the bull, Taurus can be very calm at times but is known for being aggressive under certain circumstances. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is better known as the planet of love. It’s normal to come across a Taurus during their season and notice them feeling more passionate about their work and rewards. To help Taurus stay on top of things happening in their life here are the best stones to bring good energy.


Known for its variety of greens, Jade is perfect for Taurus looking for strength and harmony. This stone can help those who are taking a risk and want protection. By carrying jade around, you can limit the negative energies around you, especially spending too much at the shopping mall. Ultimately, jade is perfect for helping calm nerves and promoting good health all around. No matter your sign, this stone is one to have around during Taurus season. 


Bring more energy to your life with carnelian’s endurance and motivation. This stone can help your organs stay in excellent health and even heal. For Taurus, carnelians can help move negative energy in the workplace out of the way to lead you to success. If you’re ever feeling negative energy, try meditating with this stone to give yourself a confidence boost. Wearing carnelian jewelry can help you get things done and face the biggest challenges of them all. 


Clear your mind and bring purity to your life with the selenite stone. Taurus who are confused about their next step can benefit from this mind cleaning and clearing stone. You will be able to feel the environment change around you, whether it’s in your work or personal life. Having selenite around you will feel more unmistakable air on days where you come across a difficult situation. Selenite jewelry is a perfect way to keep good energy with you at all times.


When dealing with disagreements, kyanite can help you gain trust back from those you’ve battled with. This is the stone of fairness and loyalty. If you’re struggling with communication, this stone can help you open your mind to others’ ideas and words. This self-cleansing stone can be worn as jewelry can benefit both parties involved in any situation. 

Stones for Aries Energy

by Ron Sussberg on 03/05/21


Aries is well-known for being the first of the fire signs to have very high-frequency energy. When the sun aligns with Aries, you can expect to come across Aries’ positive and negative points. As an Aries, wearing your birthstone or having crystals for Aries around you can bring you great blessings. Here are a few stones that can help boost your energy as Aries no matter what season it may be.


This light blue stone is full of soothing energy that is a perfect match for Aries fire element. When you find yourself overwhelmed or upset Aquamarine can help calm you and balance your energies. This stone is also known for helping those who suffer from anxieties and scattered minds. Wearing Aquamarine pieces of jewelry will help you feel confident and honest with yourself. Having a clear mind is very important for Aries.


One of Aries’ most favorite stones is the Bloodstone since it is linked to birth and life. The stone is worn by many to help push more excellent health, wealth, and longevity. If you’re going through hardships and obstacles, carry a Bloodstone with you at all times to help with your decision-making. Wearing this stone as an Aries can help bring out your natural bold and courageous self that you don’t always show. 


The stones yellow, red and orange spots represent the colors of fire. If Aries is looking for an increase in their energy levels, then Carnelian is the perfect stone. It takes away any negative energy and converts it to positive energy to help balance your mind. Carnelian doesn’t always have to be on your at all times but placement is very important. Placing it in your home or bedroom entrance can help protect you from destructive thoughts and anxieties. Putting the stone under your pillow can help with better dreams and fewer nightmares, but it could keep you up all night and restless since it is a high-energy stone.


It can be effortless for Aries to get lost in their daily routine, but Amethyst can help anyone feel overworked and need a balance. The beautiful crystal is full of powerful healing that can work with the vital energy of Aries. Amethyst can help boost creativity and help Aries tackle new pursuits in life. Try wearing this stone daily to help you stay on the right track when reaching new heights.


How to Predict Future Timing With Tarot

by Ron Sussberg on 02/04/21

When it comes to predicting the timing of the future, tarot cards are usually the most used method. And the most common question that a querent, i.e. the person who seeks or consults the tarot reader, is "when?". Whether it is when the querent will find his/her soulmate or when he/she will get a promotion at work, most people want to pinpoint when a personal event will happen to them in the future. This question, however, is considered to be one of the most challenging and daunting questions for a tarot reader.

That being said, there are several tarot techniques that a tarot reader utilizes to time an event. A few of these techniques are presented in the following article.

Using the main meaning of tarot cards

Determining time in tarot by using the main or the divinatory meaning of tarot cards is considered to be one of the easier methods used by tarot readers. In this method, the focus is not only on when the event will occur, but also on what may need to happen before the event occurs. Reversed tarot cards can also be utilized to predict the timing of a particular event. These cards usually denote that the event is unlikely to occur unless the querent is willing to make major changes.

Using Suits and Elements

Another predictive method is using suits and elements of the tarot cards. This method will help identify a more specific timing of an event. Wands denote days or spring, Swords denote weeks or autumn, Cups denote months or summer and last but not least, Pentacles denote years or winter.

Using Tarot and Astrology

Predicting the timing of an event in tarot based on the zodiac is an easy method. This is clearly illustrated here.

Tarot timing spread

In this simple method, four tarot cards are drawn. The first one represents what the querent should recognize for the event to happen, the second represents what he/she accepts, the third one denotes what he or she acknowledges and the fourth denotes the action that should be taken for the event to occur.

There are certainly numerous methods to determine the timing of an event by using tarot cards. Each tarot reader uses the method he/she feels the most comfortable with and the one that gives them the most accurate reading.

Setting Intentions, Not Resolutions, At the Start of the New Year

by Ron Sussberg on 01/08/21

Setting a New Year's resolution has become so cliché that most people never really intend to follow through with their plans. If you're one of the few who really want to achieve a goal in 2021, you can feel more motivated when you set an intention for yourself. This makes it a special goal and encourages you to follow through with it. The following tips can help you keep that intention.

Create a Personal Mantra

Look for a phrase that you can say to yourself that will remind you of your goals. For example, if you're trying to lose weight, your mantra might be something like "I don't need that sugar" or a similar phrase. If you're trying to improve your finances, try something like asking yourself if a purchase will improve your credit score. Keeping a list of mantras can help you resist temptation in any situation.

Stop Negative Thoughts

Thinking negative thoughts seems to be a default position for most people, and, unfortunately, that can adversely impact the events in your life. When you catch yourself having a negative thought, stop the thought and replace it with something positive. If you catch yourself thinking you'll never lose the weight, stop that thought and replace it with something more hopeful. Perhaps remind yourself of the pounds you've already shed.

Create Visual Reminders

If you're trying to rebuild your credit, think of something you'll use your improved credit to buy. If you plan to buy a house or a new vehicle, cut out pictures of that item from magazines and tack them to a bulletin board, fridge door, or hang them next to your computer screen. The images will help you stay focused on your goal, which means you'll be less likely to let foolish spending ruin your progress. You can also leave notes for yourself in your office, bedroom, and bathroom. They can be inspirational quotations or simple reminders to do your best, but keep them positive.

Calling your plan an intention helps you stay dedicated to achieving your goal, and developing a strategy gives you the tools you need. It may be difficult to get started, but, if you can keep yourself motivated, you'll soon see results. As you get closer to reaching your goal, the momentum you build up will cause an adrenaline rush that will propel you faster towards your goal.

The Magic of Tea Leaf Divination

by Ron Sussberg on 12/02/20

From palmistry to tarot, divination is a popular subject of pop culture and spiritualists alike. Of the forms of divination, tea leaf reading, also known as tasseomancy, is one of the youngest and most compelling.

As with most things, practice makes perfect. Learning how to read tea leaves takes time and patience, but it is an exciting practice that can give you a new perspective on your life.

What You Need

In order to read tea leaves, there are four essential items you will need. These include a tea cup, a saucer, loose leaf tea, and hot water. The tea cup’s shape is better for readings than a mug, and the loose leaf tea should be coarse; taking leaves from a tea bag will not give the same results as the leaves are too fine.

How to Conduct a Reading

The process of reading tea leaves can be simple. In your teacup, place a teaspoon of loose tea leaves, then pour boiling water over the leaves and let the brew steep for a few minutes. Then, drink your tea until there is only one or two sips remaining. Taking the handle of the tea cup in your left hand, swirl the remaining liquid and leaves clockwise. After laying a napkin on the saucer, you will place the cup upside down to allow the leftover liquid to drain. You can then flip the cup and look at the placement of leaves within.

Setting intentions through meditation before and during the reading and empowering the components of this practice with the use of crystals, incense, or the light of a full moon are ways to bolster the practice with magic and clarity.

Understanding Symbols

Reading tea leaves often entails identifying symbols within clumps of leaves. Like with other forms of divination, tea leaf readings rely heavily on the reader’s intuition. The positioning of leaves and symbols can also be significant; leaves closer to the rim of the cup tend to reference the present or near future for the querent while leaves on the bottom of the cup may refer to events that will occur in the distant future.

Identifying the symbols in tea leaves may not come naturally, so knowing what to look for ahead of time can make the process easier. Common symbols to be found in tea leaves include circles, dots, lines, geometric shapes, animals, and other natural or manmade motifs. Simpler shapes like circles, dots, and lines can represent endings or cycles, money or abundance, and opportunities respectively, so their juxtaposition to other symbols can be especially significant.

As with other intuitive activities, tea leaf reading relies heavily on the reader’s own subconscious ideals and beliefs, so keep that in mind when looking to uncover meaning in the symbols you find.